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Yamaha NP35 vs NP32 comparison -Piaggero digital piano keyboards

By Declan Cosgrove

January 3, 2024

*** as the NP12 and NP32 are no longer available - SEE THE UPDATED ARTICLE HERE ***

NP35 and NP32 vs NP12

So if you've watched any of my previous videos, you'll know I'm a big fan of the Yamaha Piaggero range and the NP32 which is the big brother of the NP12. It's a really great keyboard and it has been for ages very portable.

So obviously a bit wider than the NP12. It's got 76 keys instead of 61. It's a bit heavier in terms of power usage so the battery life is a bit less if you run it on batteries, but it runs on mains as well.

It's got more volume or power, six watts per side rather than 2.5 watts. Great keyboard graded touch sensitivity. So brilliant keyboard, brilliant price. Yamaha have now brought out the replacement, the NP35. So I was super excited to see what the extra features were on the NP35. It's a bit better, but only a bit better and there is one big problem which I'll explain in a second.

How Yamaha NP35 is better than NP32

Okay, so before I tell you the big problem with it, I'll just tell you what the improvements are. So the improvements in the sounds is the big one. So there's 15 sounds. It's virtually the same buttons as the NP12 / NP32, just that they have three sounds per key instead of 2. So we've got piano, you got three of them and they just use a light to actually differentiate a different colour of light, which of the three piano sounds you're on, same with the electric piano, same with the organ, etc.

Difference in piano and other sounds

And they have three strings now, so there's two different strings, sounds and one like a synth string. So the old NP32, just like the NP12, had two piano sounds and one string sound.

And now you get three piano sounds and three string sounds. And then so a few extra bits and pieces, I never use any of those, I just use the default piano sound, which I've always found is great.

 Occasionally we'll layer the strings on top, but again just the default strings sound has always been fine. So these extra five sounds, the 15 rather than the 10, am I going to use them?

Probably not, okay.

Volume and speakers

The speakers are six watts per side on the MP32, which is louder than the 2.5 watts per side on the MP12. But the MP35 is the same power as the MP32.

Weight and dimensions

It's a little bit heavier at six kilos rather than 5.7 kilos, but again no big deal. 

It's slightly longer at 1,260 millimeters rather than 1,244. Not much difference. The outputs are the same. Yeah, not a lot of difference, okay, slightly better.

Smart Pianist / audio interface

thanks to YouTube commentator @islandtony5009  for the following info:-

NP-35 is compatible with Smart Pianist, and it has an audio interface built into the USB to host port which is means you can stream audio into the keyboard to play along with, AND you can send high quality digital audio direct to a DAW (audio editing software). It can also link to the camera app on a phone to record piano videos, without needing an external audio interface box.

Personally, I always record using my video camera's mic, using the ambience of the room and only use Midi when using a DAW, so I don't use an audio interface, but I'm sure this will be really useful for people who want a direct feed. 

What's the problem with the NP35

The big big big problem for me is the price. It's like a lot of money more than the MP32 for not a lot of improvement in features. The MP32 at the moment, at the time of shooting this video, you can get them on Amazon for around £249 sterling.

So, the price of the MP35, the official price is around the £480 mark. At the time of filming. there are some advertised  in Germany for around £426 sterling.

NP32 is a much lower cost right now

So, that's £426 compared to £249 for a keyboard that is very very similar with a few extra features that I wouldn't use.

So, to me, it's an absolute no-brainer. I would say for 41%, which is the price different, save 41%, and go for the MP32 every time.

It's the same story with the MP15 compared to the MP12. It's 47% lower at the moment going for the MP12

Now, I fully accept that the lower prices on the older models are not going to last forever because the stock is going to go. But for right now, that to me is a no-brainer.

When the NP32 is no longer available ...

When the old stock isn't available, then it's a different question. It's a question of, do you go for the MP35 compared to one of the other models around from Roland, Korg, Casio, Roland or other similar manufacturers? So, that's a different question. And I'll shoot a different video about that. But for right now, MP32 or the younger brother of the MP12 all day long.

I hope that's been useful.

Technical Spec for NP15 and NP35

Click here to view or download the NP-15 and NP35 technical specifications PDF from Yamaha for the new Piaggero keyboards

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