October 16


Piano Tabs Like Ultimate Guitar Chords

By declan@decplaypiano.com

October 16, 2020

Piano Tabs Similar to Guitar Chords and Tabs - At last!

Tabs (as in musical 'tablature') is an alternative to traditional notation and is often a far easier way to play popular music. Guitar tabs are extremely popular with the largest site Ultimate Guitar, having close on 100 million registered users. 

Until now, piano tabs have not been as user friendly or effective as guitar tabs, but now all that has changed, with the launch of PianoTabz from DecPlay piano. PianoTabz is effectively a lead sheet that shows the melody notes and chords. The killer advantage is that anyone can learn to read PianoTabz within minutes, without needing any musical experience whatsoever. This is because the abstract language of traditional notation is replaced with numbers which anyone who can count to 7, can understand easily.

When the DecPlay 5 Step Formula, is used together with PianoTabz sheet music, the results are amazing - click here to see how quickly students can learn piano  :-  

  • Beginners can play their first song within minutes
  • Play to an intermediate level within weeks
  • Play advance level within months

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Video Lesson Includes:-

  • Easy Piano Method for Seniors  
  • Play Songs for Fun
  • No Need to 'Read Music'  
  • Easy 5 Step Formula
  • Accessible - arthritis and low sight  

Benefits for Beginners and Advanced Players

PianoTabz translates 'relative numbers' (used in advanced classical music theory and jazz), into a format beginners can understand, yet also enables professional playing styles and techniques to be applied to the same music sheet.

An example of this is the ability to play a song in any of the 12 keys, using the exact same song sheet.

Difference Between Ultimate Guitar Chords and Piano Tabs Chords

The chords shown in the piano tabs sheets can be written in letters, exactly the same as the Ultimate Guitar chords, or can be in numbers, which is easier for beginners and also enables advanced skills usually only learned in jazz or complex classical theory.

How PianoTabz Format Piano Tabs Work

PianoTabz uses relative numbers, so you can play in any key from the same song sheet.

The top line of music is the melody (numbered in scale degrees 1 to 7) and the bottom line is the chords numbered 1 to 7 (similar to jazz chords).

Piano Tabs vs Ultimate Guitar Chords and Tabs vs Jianpu Compared

The PianoTabz system uses numbers 1 to 7 to show melody and chords by their relative position on the scale. For example in the key of C, C = 1, F = 4 and G = 5 etc... which means beginners can read and play the music within minutes (both melody and accompaniment).

As PianoTabz includes both melody (and riffs) as well as chords, it is similar to taking guitar chords and guitar tabs from Ultimate Guitar and merging them. There are 2 main differences:-

  • the PianoTabz format (as the name suggests!)  is optimised for piano keyboard (as guitar tabs don't translate to the piano)
  • PianoTabz also incorporates the concept of 'relative numbers' which enables advanced skills, including professional playing patterns and ability to play in any key from the same song sheet. This is similar to elements and concepts found in aspects of Jazz sheet music, classical music theory, Chinese musical system jianpu ( 简谱;  簡譜;  jiǎnpǔ ) and the Nashville Music System

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