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From total beginners, to existing players struggling with notation, arthritis and the left hand - the results have to be seen to be believed .......

Progress in 1 to 4 Weeks

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Hallelujah piano diary (30 mins to few weeks)

Fur Elise in 4 lessons

Danny Boy in 4 weeks - David

Jean Age 91  - amazing progress in 1 week

Mike Age 79 - inspirational story

I Cant Help Falling In Love With You - Eric

Day 1 - Amazing Grace

Silent Night in 4 weeks - Gloria

The Rose - Week 2 Progress - Krys 

Week 1 Progress - Howard

Eric - learns with Piano Seniors course

Star Spangled Banner in week 5

Week 2 Progress - Howard

Beethoven's Fur Elise within 4 weeks

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Barry Manilow in 1 hour

Testimonials from Piano Students

Sheila (Texas)

I am enjoying the course very much... My mother came over I had just been listening to course for less than an hour and I played Star Bangled Banner for her, while she balled like a baby!  

Julia (UK)

I'm working my way through fast play plus and it's great -I did grade 3 piano when I was a child and have been trying to improve my playing for a few years now -this method is so much simpler! I thought the tips on improvisation in the fast play pro are good and I've enjoyed adding a few bits to some of the song sheets I've downloaded,  which I haven't had the confidence to do before!

Jenny - (Retired)

"I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, and finally at age 62 and retired, bought a keyboard and got started. I found the traditional way of learning so incredibly hard I almost gave up. But then came upon the Decplay method and decided to give Fastplay a go!

 I was I have to admit a tad sceptical regarding the notion of being able to play recognisable tunes after only one hour but that is exactly what I found myself doing, using the simple numbers, colours and patterns of the system.

It is just so exciting and playing songs so fast is great for one's confidence - I cant wait to go on and learn more tunes and start with Proplay. I would say to anyone who wants to play, don't hesitate, go ahead and give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can. Thank you Declan for this truly amazing idea and for giving me this opportunity."

Jason (Hawaii)

My daughter is 7 years old. Decplay has been helpful in getting her to move past thinking about practicing as a chore. She is able to hear her progress in minutes instead of days.  I believe this can bridge the gap that so many parents and people, in general, have when starting to play the piano, and may even help with the completion of other experiences in life.

Ken (Florida)

This past Tuesday, my wife and her friend, asked me to drive them to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

At the store just inside the door in the lobby was a beautiful black Baby Grand Piano.  Asking only $399.95.  If I only had room for it.

I walked through the store with the girls and left them in the furniture department.  I went back to the piano.  Sat down and started playing C scales up and down the keyboard.

Some of the lower keys were badly out of tune.  Things got better from middle C up.  Played some more scales then practiced all the chords I had learned.  Then I launched into :AMAZING GRACE".

After about the third chorus, from within the store the customer were singing, whistling, or humming along. When I started over on the first chorus; about 5 people were gathered around  the piano.

They joined in singing. When I finished they applauded and complimented me.  My first public appearance was a success!!

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful course.

Ani (South Wales, Australia)

“Thank you thank you! You busted my own myth about how quickly I could learn a piece on piano! I am stoked about how easy it was and that I could actually play! “

Calum  (Liverpool, UK)

“I haven't got a lick of musical ability in me and I was playing my favourite tunes within an hour or so. It's ridiculously fun as well!“

Steve (California)

As there are so many piano tutorial systems on the internet it’s hard to decide which one to pick. The first one I chose was fine and the second one a bit better, but the rewards each brought didn’t match the effort I was putting forth. What they, and every other course I looked at had in common was reading notation. While I became reasonably adept at playing the standard chords, trying to readily decipher the melody from notation and immediately applying each note to the keyboard was simply overwhelming. 

Thankfully, I happened upon the DecPlay intro video and after viewing, signed up to receive the three “piano secrets” videos. Declan is quite engaging and makes you feel as though he’s having a one-on-one conversation with you. Each video is great as the curtain of piano complexity is progressively torn away by his teaching method.

I immediately sent for the FastPlay program which is certainly aptly named. Utilizing Declan’s chord patterns and relative numbers system, I’m able to play songs I enjoy in a relatively short amount of time and experiencing the pleasure of creating music for the first time in my life.

Finally, any time I have a question I simply email Declan and he responds back within hours despite the eight hour time difference between us. It’s like having your own private piano teacher who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your playing goals.