June 5


Martha Argerich – A Bonafide Piano-Playing Genius!

By Declan Cosgrove

June 5, 2023

Martha, if for some weird reason you're reading this blog post ... happy birthday!

For everyone else, check out this video and those lightening fast fingers - see if your eyes can keep up - lol!

I think the word 'genius' is banded about too freely nowadays but look at Marthas piano-playing track record and I'm sure you'll agree that she qualifies ...

She first played the piano perfectly at 3 years old ... by ear after just hearing a teacher play.

When she was eight she gave her first public concert ... playing BOTH the Mozart No. 20 and the Beethoven No.1 piano concertos!

At 16 she won 2 international piano competitions ... within a couple of weeks.

(Oh, and by the way ... she can speak Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, and Portuguese!)

Let me know in the comments what you thought of her performance.

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  • She’s just a gifted person. God said he put gifts, talents, ideas etc in everyone DNA, they just have to find it and utilise it. She’s a genius. Bless you young lady. You have many gifts and you are sharing it with the world. Mr Deckclan you are also a wonderful piano teacher, your gift will continue to live long after you are gone. You make so many people happy and no money can buy that. The only thing you got to pray for is that Father God continue yo keep you in perfect health for all your days. Thanks for sharing this great story. Vicky

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