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Jean Age 91 Inspiring Piano Story

By Declan Cosgrove

March 30, 2021

Learning Piano Aged 91

This inspiring piano story shows what Jean age 91 achieved on piano within 1 week of joining the DecPlay Piano Seniors Course.
Jean had suffered from a stroke 2 years earlier which prevented her from learning piano using traditional teaching methods, but what she achieves with DecPlay is inspiring.


How did Jean Learn Piano in Days?

The incredibly simple DecPlay 5 Step Formula is the reason Jean was able to learn to play songs on piano at age 91, after suffering from a stroke only 2 years earlier. See it for yourself in the free taster video below:-

Transcript of Jean's Story

[00:00:06.290] - Declan

I would like to share with you an inspirational piano story. This is Jean, who at age 91 overcame adversity to learn piano incredibly quickly. Jean used to play piano, but two years ago she had a stroke, which meant that she could no longer play. So she went to a piano teacher to relearn, but she found that she could no longer understand music notation and she got really frustrated and almost gave up. She came across the DecPlay course and within a week she was playing songs. In this short video, I'll show you extracts of conversations I had with Jean within a few days of her joining the course, and it shows her talking to our piano community and playing to them. I think you'll find their reaction truly heartwarming.

[00:01:19.210] - Jean

Two years ago I had a stroke about 12:00 in the afternoon, so when I came back, I found that I couldn't play piano at all. So I had to start from the beginning again. I just got fed up with it. I think the stroke affected my brain as well a bit. I kept forgetting things. I was slowing everything. But then I was going through Facebook and I saw you explaining about a different way to learn piano and I thought I'd try it. I thought it was very good.

[00:02:02.470] - Declan

What did you like about it?

[00:02:04.990] - Jean

It was funny at first because it was by numbers, not by notes. Then I found it was easier and I had to agree with you that anybody could do it. Now I have the  enjoyment of playing the piano again.

[00:02:27.830] - Declan

So how quick did you pick up the actual the right hand part then? Was it instantly or did it take a day or two?

[00:02:39.240] - Jean

Yes it was just a day or two to get used to the numbers?

[00:02:48.210] - Jean

And then I tried the left hand and it wasn't difficult and then put them both together.

[00:02:56.670] - Declan

And what would you say to anybody then who thinks that they're too old, if they're 60 or 70 or 80, what would you say to them?

[00:03:05.970] - Jean

Your age doesn't come in. You just do what you do to play it and forget about your age. If you think you're too old, well, you're not too old.

[00:03:43.690] - Declan

And how long have you been practising that song now?

[00:03:47.770] - Jean

A week.

[00:03:48.870] - Declan

Oh, that's brilliant progress for a week. Fantastic. Are you pleased?

[00:03:53.750] - Jean

Yes, I'm very pleased. I spoke to you last week, didn't I?

[00:03:58.920] - Declan


[00:03:59.690] - Jean

I hadn't done the course then (last week). You showed me how to do the method and then from there I started to play the songs. 

[00:04:06.980] - Declan


[00:04:08.470] - Jean

Yes I can play several songs including 'God Save the King'... Queen I mean, what's the other one?

[00:04:16.430] - Declan

Happy birthday?

[00:04:18.830] - Jean

Yes, yeah.

[00:04:19.710] - Declan

Great. Oh, brilliant.

[00:04:26.130] - Jean

I was going through Facebook and DecPlay came up. I joined. So I found it ideal for me because at last I can play with confidence. It doesn't matter how old you are or what illnesses you have or anything like that. Just enjoy what you're doing. So many thanks to Declan.

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