March 26


Mike Age 79 Inspiring Piano Story


March 26, 2021

Learning Piano Aged 79

This inspiring piano story shows how Mike, who was unable to learn piano as a child (struggled with sheet music notation) made incredible progress learning piano at age 79. What he achieved in 5 days was amazing enough, but what happened after that is even more amazing!


How did Mike Learn Piano in Days?

The incredibly simple DecPlay 5 Step Formula is the reason Mike was able to learn to play songs on piano at age 79, after being unable to play piano as a child. See it for yourself in the free taster video below:-

I was sceptical at first but DecPlay really is incredibly easy! 


Jane Bower piano 1

"I was sceptical that I'd ever be able to master piano playing - but DecPlay is so easy to grasp, I'm now playing songs and having fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age or ability." ... click here for more

Age 79 - I learnt my first song within 5 days!

Mike (79)

Mike Grandkids

"As a child I struggled to read sheet music so that was the end of piano for me, until age 79 when I joined DecPlay and learnt my first song within 5 days!"  ... click here for more

I learnt piano age 91 after a stroke - JUST GIVE IT A GO

JEAN (91)

Jean piano

“Age is just a number - if you have passion for music, you are half way there - give it a go and you will see how easy it is” ... click here for more

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  • 5 Step Formula - making songs on piano EASY
  • No Need to Read Traditional Sheet Music - accessible to all
  • Avoid the frustrations of traditional lessons 
  • Simple Tips to master the Left Hand
  • Accessible - arthritis and impaired sight / hearing


I could read a bit of music and play tunes in my right hand but didn't know what to do with my left hand. 

Within days I learnt to play 2 songs, with both hands.

DecPlay makes it easy ..... it's fun! 

Eric (age 76)


I am now retired and over the years I had tried learning piano but found it overwhelming.

The DecPlay system made it possible for me to play right away, with just a modicum of practice, Genius!

I'm experiencing the pleasure of creating music for the first time in my life.



At 59 yrs I had never played an instrument and was unable to read music (having tried several times).

Within weeks the DecPlay system enabled me to play songs I love on piano.

It's great that I don’t need to 'read music' in order for me to play and enjoy the piano every day.



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