May 13


DecPlay vs Classical Piano Lessons


May 13, 2021

Traditional Piano Lessons vs DecPlay Method

DecPlay is not designed to play complex classical music, it is designed for teaching people to play 'pattern based' music incredibly quickly and to bring the joys of playing piano to those who found that traditional methods did not meet their needs. It also teaches the patterns that enable a deep understanding of popular music and enables rapid skill development from reading songs sheets, through to playing in a professional style, improvising, composing and even playing songs by ear.

Traditional Piano Methods vs Pattern Based Methods

In my 45 years experience of playing piano in a range of styles (including 12 years studying classical piano), I found that classical piano methods are effective for what they were designed for ie playing complex classical music and that 'pattern' based methods are much more effective methods for playing 'pattern based' music, such as popular songs and some simple pieces of classical music (eg the extract from Fur Elise shown in the video). This explains why many professional musicians in popular music, jazz, blues, country music etc.. play using patterns eg chords and playing patterns.

DecPlay uses the relative scale and 'relative numbers' to reference music notes. Relative numbers are as taught in classical music theory, jazz, Nashville music system etc.  As well as enabling rapid results for beginners, referencing music by relative numbers also helps with more advanced skills when playing songs, such as instant transposing, improvisation and song composition. The course also gives students the option to learn absolute pitch, although most students find the relative numbers more useful. The results are incredible and speak for themselves.

2 Groups of Thinking in the Classical World

A concert pianist and lecturer in a world famous music institution once explained to me that the classical world in which he resides, can be split in 2 groups of thinking:
- people like himself who welcome any new method that makes music more accessible
- and people who view any new method that makes music more accessible, as a threat to their status quo. When asked what they might be afraid of, he explained that many people he knows would never admit it, but they have studied for years to achieve a high social status in the music world and do not want to see others being able to play piano by an easier route, as it could devalue their perceived 'achievements' and would threaten their position as a member of an elitist community.

He agreed with me that music snobbery and the false narrative that 'the only way to play piano is the classical method', robs so many people of the opportunity to have fun creating music, requiring them to spend years of study and many £ thousands. The abstract nature of traditional notation can also be a huge barrier for many people.

DecPlay's Mission

The DecPlay method makes the joys of playing piano accessible to many people at a fraction of the time and cost offered by traditional piano lessons. We have students of all ages including 90's who are able to play meaningful songs on piano within days and weeks, who were not able to do this after years of traditional piano lessons.

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