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Seniors Piano Lessons

DecPlay online piano lessons remove the traditional barriers to learning piano, with an ingeniously simple method that makes it easy for seniors to learn piano without reading music. This unique method that has helped over 3,000 students has been awarded a patent and has been featured on BBC, NBC, FOX.  Get your FREE taster video - Seniors Piano Lessons below:-  

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Video Lesson Includes:-

  • Easy Piano Method for Seniors  
  • Play Songs for Fun
  • No Need to 'Read Music'  
  • Easy 5 Step Formula
  • Accessible - arthritis and low sight  

I was sceptical at first but DecPlay really is incredibly easy! 


Jane Bower piano 1

"I was sceptical that I'd ever be able to master piano playing - but DecPlay is so easy to grasp, I'm now playing songs and having fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age or ability." ... click here for more

I played my first song in 30 mins - at age 90! 

HARRY (90)

Harry thumbnail

"Its easy to follow - you get get straight to playing the songs you love - no scales or notation" ... click here for more

Age 79 - I learnt my first song within 5 days!

Mike (79)

Mike Grandkids

"As a child I struggled to read sheet music so that was the end of piano for me, until age 79 when I joined DecPlay and learnt my first song within 5 days!"  ... click here for more

I learnt piano age 91 after a stroke - JUST GIVE IT A GO

JEAN (91)

Jean piano

“Age is just a number - if you have passion for music, you are half way there - give it a go and you will see how easy it is” ... click here for more

Is this you? 

  • Struggle reading piano sheet music (notation) 
  • Don't know what to do with your left hand 
  • Find hand coordination difficult
  • Absolute beginner - don't know where to start 
  • Want to have fun playing songs you love on piano (quickly and easily) 

Would you like? 

  • Sheet music translated into a language you can instantly understand 
  • Step by step instructions - easy to follow 5 Step Formula
  • Discover the patterns that make playing songs easy

I'm sharing the secrets of the 5 Step Formula in the FREE Seniors Piano Lessons
- click the 'Get Started Now' button for details :- 

I could read a bit of music and play tunes in my right hand but didn't know what to do with my left hand. 

Within days I learnt to play 2 songs, with both hands.

DecPlay makes it easy ..... it's fun! 

Eric (age 76)


I am now retired and over the years I had tried learning piano but found it overwhelming.

The DecPlay system made it possible for me to play right away, with just a modicum of practice, Genius!

I'm experiencing the pleasure of creating music for the first time in my life.



At 59 yrs I had never played an instrument and was unable to read music (having tried several times).

Within weeks the DecPlay system enabled me to play songs I love on piano.

It's great that I don’t need to 'read music' in order for me to play and enjoy the piano every day.



Seniors Piano Lessons

Thousands of seniors are achieving their lifelong dream of learning to play piano, with the groundbreaking new DecPlay piano method. And our students aged from 50s to 90s have proven that you are never too old to learn piano. This is so remarkable that DecPlay has been featured on the BBC and has been awarded a patent. 

For the first time ever, absolute beginners can play recognisable songs on piano within days. This is possibly by removing the need to read traditional ‘music notation’ (which is notoriously difficult to master). Students like Jane (recently retired) from Cambridge, or Mike (aged 79) from Surrey, were able to play recognisable songs on piano within 1 week.  And the multitude of seniors who have replicated this success, finally puts paid to the myth that you have to be young to learn piano.

Indeed, Mike is a spring chicken compared with many other students, such as Harry (aged 90) who also was playing songs on piano within days. To see what our wonderful students have achieved, view the results page here.

Arthritis and Low Sight Accessible Piano Lessons

The DecPlay method is so intuitive and easy to follow that it is also accessible for students who have physical and mental challenges, including arthritis, low sight and memory loss. For example, Jean, aged 93 from London, suffered a stroke yet within days of trying the DecPlay online piano lessons, was playing several songs on piano. 

This shows that as long as you have the passion for music, the 5 Step Formula and a bit of practice will do the rest.

The Free video taster of our Seniors Piano Lessons is a great way to get started - enter your details in the form at the top of the page, to get started.

What is Your Motivation to Learn Piano .... Fun, Life Ambition, Legacy, Physio, Mental Agility?

DecPlay founder Declan Cosgrove explained:

 “I'm constantly inspired by the wonderful motivations that drive my students to take up piano. For some, it achieves a lifetime ambition of playing piano, especially if they tried and failed to learn piano using traditional piano lessons. It's amazing to witness the moment when someone who has spent a lifetime believing they weren't musical, discovers that they can play piano. 

The mental, physical and emotional benefits of playing piano are widely known but it's especially heartwarming to hear students with physical challenges such as arthritis, say how much playing piano has helped them.”

Pam's Story - Playing Piano With Arthritis

For example, piano student Pam (aged 60) from Wales outlined her experiences :

“When I started with DecPlay, I suffered quite badly with arthritis in my fingers and I was really sceptical as to whether I was going to be able to play the piano at all. The method was very straightforward and I was able to play my first song really quickly, working through a little bit of aching. And by repeating short practice periods, I found the flexibility in my hands and my fingers improved significantly and allowed me to play more advanced pieces.

Well, I've got to say, I really enjoy playing for myself and my family. An unexpected benefit is the arthritis pain has reduced so much that I don't take any anti-inflammatories now. Now, I'm not a doctor, but I put that down to daily practice on the piano. So each time I stretch myself and learn another technique with DecPlay, I have to train my hands to take that extra step. But very quickly any discomfort that's experienced is gone, and I'm able to master that technique and move on and play what I want to play.”

Leaving a Legacy of Music

For a number of students, the motivation to learn piano is to pass on a legacy of music to their grandchildren. An example of this is Steve who had fond childhood memories of family sing songs as his grandfather played piano. By the time Steve retired, there was no-one who played music in the family anymore. So he took it upon himself to learn piano, to encourage his grandchildren to play.  

Within days of learning the DecPlay formula, he was playing carols and having family sing songs. And within a few weeks, he had shown his granddaughters how to play Silent Night. Then a few days later, his daughter saw her children playing and wanted to give it a go too.  

The very next day, she sent Steve a video of her playing Silent Night as well.

So within weeks of Steve Joining DecPlay, 3 generations of his family were playing piano

Learning Songs In The Seniors Piano Lessons

The DecPlay 5 Step Formula makes learning piano much easier by using 'playing patterns' which uncovers the simple patterns that exists in most songs.

Similar playing patterns have been used by many professional musicians including Paul McCartney and John Lennon, but until now, they were inaccessible to piano beginners.

DecPlay makes these patterns easy to understand. This enables senior citizens to learn songs on piano within days / weeks, even if they have no previous musical experience, or have previously tried playing music and struggled.

Struggling With Traditional Piano Sheet Music (Notation)?

Many people would love to play their favourite songs on piano, but historically, only a tiny fraction of the people who have tried to learn piano, end up being able to play. The primary reason for this is that traditionally, the only method that was offered was a classical music approach, which involves learning to read music ‘notation’ style of sheet music.

Music ‘notation’ is a complex language of dots and lines, that many people never manage to master and causes many people to give up piano lessons and wrongly think that they aren’t ‘musical’. This form of writing music was designed hundreds of years ago for playing complex classical music. And whilst notation is necessary if you want to become a concert pianist, it can actually be a barrier if you wish to play popular songs.

Challenges with Eyesight, Hearing, Concentration and Memory?

DecPlay is the only series of piano lessons designed for seniors and translates the music and playing patterns to make them easily accessible for people with:-

- visual impairment 

- impaired hearing

- arthritis 

- lack of concentration

- poor memory

The Problem With Traditional Piano Methods

Learning piano by traditional methods is great if you want to play complex classical music, but it is a slow process. I spent 10 years doing traditional piano lessons and all I ended up with was a limited repertoire of examination pieces that I didn't enjoy playing. This meant I couldn't play with confidence and ease or memorise songs easily, or play popular songs at parties. That is why I created the DecPlay method.

Traditional notation only shows individual notes, not chord patterns and pieces like Beethoven's Fur Elise (first part), Pachelbel's Canon in D and thousands of popular songs only use a tiny number of chords which makes them very quick to learn. For example the main theme in Fur Elise main repeats the same 2 chords and the next theme adds only 2 more chords. The melody line is a series of repeating phrases with small variations to the phrases that can be learnt really quickly. 

How DecPlay Works

The reason students can achieve such incredible results using the new DecPlay method, is that music notation is replaced by a new form of song sheets, which has been developed specifically for playing popular songs. This new type of song sheet (called PianoTabz) is so intuitive and simple, that it only takes minutes to understand. As a result, it is just as effective with absolute beginners, as well as people who previously have experience of reading notation.

In addition, this new approach introduces a 5 Step Formula, which makes learning piano much easier by using 'playing patterns' which uncover the simple patterns that exist in most songs. Similar playing patterns have been used by professional musicians for years, as Sir Paul McCartney explains in the documentary McCartney 3 2 1, but until now, they were inaccessible to piano beginners.

DecPlay translates these patterns into a language so easy to understand, that seniors can learn songs on piano within days / weeks, even if they have no previous musical experience, or have previously tried learning piano and failed.

Works With Any Type of Piano or Electronic Keyboard

The DecPlay method works with any type of piano or electronic keyboard. And students can access free video lessons or choose to buy the comprehensive course that enables you to learn at your own pace. In addition to the online piano lessons in the course, individual support is given by Declan and the DecPlay team. Also community features such as live group Zoom calls and the Facebook group are welcomed by many students who live on their own, as they can make new friends and share the joy of learning with others on the course.

Top Rated Piano Course On TrustPilot

This DecPlay piano method has proved incredibly popular, being featured on BBC and with over 10,000 seniors subscribing to DecPlay in the last few months. 

In addition, an incredible 97% of students giving a maximum 5 stars rating onTrustPilot, making DecPlay the highest rated piano course anywhere on the internet. 

The comments about how this piano course has been life changing, are truly heartwarming and can be seen at 


Free Piano Lessons for Seniors

You can try out this new method yourself, enter your details in the form below, to get your free piano lesson for seniors, which explains how to get an affordable keyboard, and how to play your first song, using the DecPlay method :-  

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Video Lesson Includes:-

  • Easy Piano Method for Seniors  
  • Play Songs for Fun
  • No Need to 'Read Music'  
  • Easy 5 Step Formula
  • Accessible - arthritis and low sight