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Piano Lessons for Seniors

By Declan Cosgrove

January 3, 2024

Online piano lessons for seniors

The best online piano lessons for seniors can produce amazing results, with many students being able to play songs on piano within days. This includes students in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It's amazing to see the joy people experience when they realise their childhood dream of playing tunes on the piano.

Many people have fond memories of being around pianos in childhood, but some were never offered the opportunity to learn piano. Others did have piano lessons, but struggled with 'reading music', especially when it comes to playing the left hand notes. It is surprising how many people gave up piano lessons in their youth. Many people who struggled with 'reading music', wrongly assumed that they weren't musical, when in fact it is often that they were given the wrong tool for the job. Traditional music notation is great for complex classical music, but is nowhere near as suited to playing tunes / popular music, as the techniques used by pop professionals, such as Sir Paul McCartney.

How learning piano is now easy for beginners

Fortunately, there is a solution that translates these techniques into a simple formula that is easy for beginners. This has enabled thousands of people learn piano in later life, whether or not they have had any previous musical experience. Incredibly, most people can start playing tunes on the piano within hours and minutes, not months and years.

This solution called 'DecPlay' is so unique it has been awarded a patent and has been featured on international TV and radio, including the BBC. Commonly, piano lessons for adults over 50 result in slow progress as many piano teachers don't know how to teach songs in a low friction manner. DecPlay allows you to quickly get to the fun of playing the music you love without unnecessary theory and techniques. 

piano lessons for seniors

The secret to learning piano in later life

The secret to rapid progress for learning songs on piano at any age, but especially later in life, is to use 'chords' and 'playing patterns' instead of traditional notation. This is the approach commonly used by professional pop musicians such as Sir Paul McCartney and has a number of benefits compared to traditional piano lessons. Firstly this approach enables people of all ages to play the songs they love on piano incredibly quickly. Secondly it enables students to learn piano easily, even if they previously struggled with traditional lessons.

Thousands of people aged 50+ including retirees, seniors and silver surfers have achieved their lifelong dream of playing piano using the DecPlay Piano System which has been specifically designed for learning piano later in life. The combination of online piano lessons and online community, enables students to make progress at their own pace and get support and friendship from likeminded people, who are sharing the same musical journey.

Can I learn piano at any age?

Our students such as Harry (age 90), Jean (age 93) and Dee (age 94) prove that you are never too old to learn piano.
Some people argue that we learn things faster when we are younger, but getting older in itself does not prevent you from learning piano. In fact, sometimes age can be an advantage in learning piano if it means you have more free time to dedicate to practicing piano, have the passion to want to learn piano and have less distractions. 

Playing Popular Songs On Piano

If your objective is to play popular songs on piano instead of complex classical music, then the easiest and fastest way to learn is using pattern based learning. This approach makes learning much easier by highlighting the very simple patterns that exist in most western music.

Because of this, the DecPlay range of piano methods was designed around the most important patterns in music and uses chord sheets and lead sheets instead of traditional notation. This is the standard way that piano professionals play popular music and it is the most popular way of learning guitar.

Easy Piano for Seniors

Using a 'chords' based approach, makes piano easy for seniors. That is to say, students of all ages have been able to learn songs within days and weeks, even if they had no previous musical experience. This includes many students aged 60s, 70s and 80s.

In addition, this includes many students who had previously tried playing piano and struggled. For example, instead of reading notation for every note being played, it is much easier to represent the accompaniment with a chord letter and only show the melody in notation. This type of layout is called a 'lead sheet'.

In addition to using chords, there is also the option of replacing chord letters and notation with numbers. This makes learning piano even easier, by making song sheets much easier to read. It follows that this is a great solution for anyone who has struggled with notation. Firstly using the numbers method known as 'PianoTabz' makes it easy to understand songs sheet within minutes. Secondly it enables you to play the exact same notes as traditional music sheets.  

Easy Piano Sheet Music for Seniors

Below is an example of an extract from a song sheet, which shows the same notes and chords in traditional notation, standard lead sheet and 'PianoTabz' lead sheet. This demonstrates how the PianoTabz version is much easier to understand, as you don't need to learn how to read notation, which is a barrier for many people. 

PianoTabz lead sheet vs notation

PianoTabz is designed for songs, not complex classical music, but it is very effective for beginner to intermediate level classical music such as Beethoven Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata.  An example of this is shown in the the testimonials videos, featuring a student who struggled for years with notation, but was able to play Fur Elise within 4 hours using a PianoTabz song sheet.

Piano Lessons for Adults Over 50

Learning to play the piano when retired, or nearly retired does not have to be difficult. DecPlay's method of teaching provides the perfect piano lessons for older adults. Nothing else comes close to DecPlay's innovative approach to learning piano. Get started with the "Free Starter Pack" today!

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