Piano for Singers

Playing Piano for Singing

Go from absolute beginner to playing Hallelujah and Perfect (Ed Sheeran) on piano within minutes!

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Piano for Singers

The GOOD NEWS! ......

Playing piano to accompany singing is the easiest way to play piano, as you don't need to play the 'melody' - you just play the accompaniment.  It's so easy that you can learn to play your first song within minutes and it enables you to learn the professional style of playing that pop stars use.

The easiest way to play the accompaniment is using 'chords', which are simple patterns that form the basis of popular music and explain how some of the greatest piano songs were written and performed without using notation ... think of Paul McCartney's Let It Be, John Lennon's Imagine and Freddie Mercury's Bohemian Rhapsody

There are 2 ways to read chords - by letters or numbers:-

Chord Letters (ChordPlay)

This is the standard way chords are written for guitar.

The DecPlay method designed for playing chord letters is called 'ChordPlay' and for people familiar with chord letters such as guitarists, this enables them to learn to play accompaniment on piano, using language they are already familiar with.

Chord Numbers (SingPlay)

All DecPlay methods other than ChordPlay use 'relative numbers' (as used in Jazz and Classical theory) to represent chords and notes, instead of letters. These numbers have many benefits over traditional chord letters and notation, including:-

  • faster to learn
  • easier to memorise
  • can play in any of 12 keys from same song sheet
  • helps to learn advanced skills
  • helps to learn to play by ear

The SingPlay method uses exactly the same playing patterns and playing skills as ChordPlay but uses numbers to represent chords instead of letters.

Piano Chords Song Sheet Library

Playing piano using chords enables you to play songs directly from standard guitar chord sheets. A huge library of free chord song sheets is at www.Ultimate-Guitar.com