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Hi I'm Declan (my friends call me 'Dec') - that's me in the picture above with my mum Attracta.

Here's my story in a nutshell ...

I grew up, one of 6 kids with a mum that adored the piano.

She’d yearned to play as she grew up, but like many people she never got the opportunity.

Wanting the best for her kids mum was always putting us first.

So when she received a small inheritance she didn’t spend the money on herself, instead she decided to buy me and my brothers and sisters piano lessons, whilst she looked on.

I took to piano but my brothers and sisters didn’t.

Looking back I can see why they moved on to other things ...

Piano lessons were hard and let's face it, not much fun as a kid.

Me at around 6 years old :-)

As an adult it bugged me that so many people were missing out on all of the joy and positive mental benefits of playing piano.

I kept hearing the same story over and over again ...

How people had gone into their first lesson with huge enthusiasm, but most had quit a few months later when progress had stalled and piano had become a chore.

Some had persevered for years but again had eventually given up because they just didn’t seem to have the knack for it.

It seems like almost everyone I met harboured a dream of being able to play piano, often going back to childhood some 50 or more years ago.

But 9 out of 10 people that tried to follow their dream, ultimately failed.

FACT: MOST PEOPLE Eventually Throw The Towel In And Give Up When They Try To Learn Piano Using 'Traditional Methods'.

So I set to work on trying to figure out an easier, faster and fun way of learning piano.

A way that DIDN’T require superhuman levels of determination, discipline or self-motivation.

Or the cost of a piano teacher, who often seemed to spend most of their time simply providing moral support and the encouragement not to quit!

I had to find a way to help people ...

  • Get playing tunes quickly.
  • Make consistent progress with minimum practice.
  • Get up from the piano with a smile EVERY TIME they practiced.

(Obviously!) I got there eventually.

But I must forewarn you - it was a meandering path :-)

Like a ‘mad scientist’ I’d spend hours with a keyboard on my lap and a notebook by my side obsessing over the problem of how to make the experience of learning to play piano fun and easy for absolutely anyone that wanted to give it a go.

I became fascinated by how some people could just sit down at a keyboard and play, never having a single lesson or being able to read a note of music.

I heard this described as ‘playing by ear’.

That’s how Paul McCartney plays (... as did the rest of the Beatles).

It’s how Dave Brubeck, the greatest jazz pianist of all time and Elvis the ‘king of rock ’n roll’ and the legendary Jimi Hendrix played.

Eric Clapton, Steve Wonder, Lionel Richie ... I discovered that none of them read music.

And Prince played an incredible 27 different instruments and couldn’t read a note of music.

I concluded that their brains were obviously wired differently than the rest of us.

So I started studying how the brain works.

And specifically, how we learn.

That was a rabbit hole.

For instance, did you know that although taxi drivers and bus drivers both do a very similar job - taxi drivers have ‘bigger’ brains! That’s because taxi drivers go a different route every day than bus drivers, so they need better spatial awareness and that MAKES a part of the brain called the hippocampus 'grow'.

And on a side note: I randomly discovered that playing piano also makes your brain grow and can actually protect it from age related slowing down - absolutely fascinating, don't you think?

Anyway, as I gathered all this research over the years I gradually pieced together a completely new, fast and highly enjoyable way to get playing piano.

But my method was so a radically different from the way I saw every music teacher using, that for quite a while I pretty much kept it to myself.

In fact, my lack of confidence nearly kept my discovery secret for ever.

I kept wondering ...

“How Is It Even Possible That Piano Teachers Could Have Got It So Wrong, For So Long?”

If I’m honest, I was kind of worried that I was going to be labelled some sort of ‘flat earth’ looney.

But gradually (whenever I thought it was ‘safe’) I started to share my method with others ...

Thank goodness I did.

Because one person after another found that they too could play piano in a matter of hours WITHOUT having to 'strain their brain' by learning to read music first.

And that was complete newbies.

I’d also sit down with people that had been struggling for years and had often spent many thousands on traditional lessons trying to learn piano and after just minutes of instruction in my new method they were able to instantly play better.

Novices and experienced players alike were calling it a 'breakthrough'.

Then Something Crazy Happened ...

One evening I was demonstrating how easy it actually is to play piano to a group of friends when one of them jokingly said that the 'Dec way to play' was an 'invention' as important as the lightbulb.

We all had a good laugh at that.

BUT ... just to see what would happen, I gave it a name (The DecPlay Method - catchy, huh?) and sent a description of how I was teaching piano off to the patent office to see if they thought it was an invention.

And to my complete astonishment they agreed that it was and sent me a certificate with an official gold seal on it to confirm that my method for teaching piano is in fact a bonefide invention.

(Can you believe it; I've now got the same certificate that Thomas Edison was awarded for the invention of the lightbulb – crazy right?)

It's officially an invention!

Turns Out The DecPlay Method™ Is The First Real Breakthrough In Piano Teaching ... In Nearly 400 Hundred Years!

Anyway, since getting the patent and starting to share the DecPlay Method™ with the world through the magic of the internet I've now taught thousands of other retired people how to play the piano by giving them some simple and easy to grasp instructions by video.

No exams. No Pressure.

I've been told that watching these videos is like taking an old fashioned correspondence course or night school classes.

People seem to really like the fact that they can go at their own pace and practice when they want ...

Without the pressure of a piano teacher hovering over their shoulder or having to fit in with their regimented schedule.

In fact, the DecPlay Method™ is so easy to use and effective that it's quickly become the HIGHEST RATED piano course on Trustpilot!

Everyday people just like you (and my dear mum!) are reporting amazing results like these ...

(Click on image to see what 100's of students are saying about DecPlay™)


"I was sceptical that I'd ever be able to master piano playing ... but DecPlay is so easy to grasp, I'm now playing songs and having fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age or ability".


"I played my first song in 30 mins - at age 90! Its easy to follow - you get straight to playing the songs you love - no scales or notation".


"Age 79 - I learnt my first song within 5 days! As a child I struggled to read sheet music so that was the end of piano for me, until age 79 when I joined DecPlay and learnt my first song within 5 days!"


"I learnt piano age 91 after a stroke - JUST GIVE IT A GO. Age is just a number - if you have passion for music, you are half way there - give it a go and you will see how easy it is". 

I Once Even Used The DecPlay Method™ To Teach A Complete Novice To Play Piano ... On LIVE Radio.

One day, news of my claims that I could teach ANYONE to play piano WITHOUT needing to read music in just hours came to the attention of one of the presenters at the local radio station.

And you can probably guess what happened next!

That’s right - he challenged me to teach him to play a tune, live on air. And he told me I had just ONE hour to do it. (No pressure, eh?)

How'd it go? Well see for yourself - the radio station recorded it! In this short video you can see how he got on playing 'Can't Smile Without You' by Barry Manilow ...

Well, as Bruce Forsyth used to say, 'Didn't he do well?' :-)

Now if he could achieve that (even with the pressure of being live on air!) what do you think you could achieve in an hour (at home with no one watching) if you had access to the DecPlay Method™?

Because what I taught him that day is EXACTLY what I'd like to be able to teach you in the videos I've created.

The DecPlay Method™ Is Perfect For Busy People.

And get this, even if you are already busy with existing hobbies or have the responsibility of looking after your partner (or grandparent 'duties'), you can STILL realise your piano playing dreams.

Because unlike traditional piano lessons that require a rigid regime of lengthy practice sessions ...

The DecPlay Method™ actually works best with what scientists call 'spaced repetition' (... something else I learned about in my research).

'Spaced repetition' simply means that rather than having to find the time and motivation to do lengthy practice sessions, you just do lots of tiny little practice sessions instead ... whenever you're in the mood!

Or to put it another way ...

By doing 6 short ten minute sessions with the DecPlay Method™ you will find that you'll get way better results than having to try find 1 full hour to practice the old fashioned way.

You Could Literally Learn To Play Piano While You Make Your Morning Tea Or Coffee!

A quick bit of mental maths reveals that just 10 minutes a day (which is pretty much the amount of time it takes for the kettle to boil a couple of times!) ...

Adds up to a whopping 5 hours a month – and you’ve just seen with your own eyes what ridiculously fast progress can be made in just an hour!

Because the way you learn with the DecPlay Method™ is so unique you could literally become a pianist while you’re stopping for your daily tea or coffee breaks.

But not just because these tiny little practice sessions are so powerful.

You see, apart from the need for lengthy practice sessions, there's another reason why it's traditionally been so difficult and time consuming to learn to play piano.

The elephant sized obstacle for most beginners is that you need to learn to read music at the same time as learning to play piano.

Now there's a reason why learning to read music is often compared to learning another language ...

Because it really is like learning a foreign language!

Μπορείς να παίξεις πιάνο

Hey, did that make any sense to you?

Unless you speak Greek, I'm guessing you struggled :-)

(Translated it says, 'can you play piano?')

Listen, learning to read music is hard enough on its own - it can take months or even years to pick up.

And a decade or more to read complex music fluently.

(Which in fact is also the kind of time experts say it can take to become fluent in a foreign language.)

What makes the DecPlay Method™ completely unique and different from ANY other way of learning piano is ...

I’ve Completely ‘Done Away’ With The Need To Read Music (Which In One Single Stroke Has Removed The BIGGEST BARRIER To Learning Piano!).

I’ve REPLACED the need to read music with something ‘100 X’ simpler.

The DecPlay Method™ enables you to quickly and easily translate all of those weird black squiggles you see on a sheet of music into something a 4 year old child can understand.

Why a 4 year old?

Because by the age of 4 most kids can count to 10.

And with the DecPlay Method™ you actually only need to be able to count to 7.

Oh yeah ... and know the colours of the rainbow.

So it really is easy peasy!

That's right, my 'invention' was to replace 'squiggles-on-little-ladders' with simple numbers and colours you are already familiar with ... so you're brain is not trying to wrestle with anything new - phew!

In fact, most people get the hang of the DecPlay Method™ in mere minutes and are itching to get their fingers on a keyboard so they can give it a try.

Pick a tune and start playing!

And once you've started playing ... you won't want to stop playing!

Which is why I've already converted 100 popular pieces of music for you – you get them on day one, when you enrol in the DecPlay Method™ so you'll never be short of something new to play.


Are you ready to join the thousands of others who’s lives have been transformed by their new found ability to play piano?

Okay, so I imagine you now probably just want to know how much it costs to get access to the DecPlay Method™, so you can work out if it fits your 'entertainment' budget?

I've priced the DecPlay Method™ to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.

So, your investment today is just a one-time payment of £267 - which gets you unrestricted lifetime access to the entire training and is covered by my 'Piano Smiles' Money Back Guarantee™.

I'll tell about the money back guarantee and explain exactly what you get when you enrol in a moment.

But first, there's something you need to know about that low price.

A dog's gotta eat, right?

It's changing.

The 'cost of living' crisis has eventually caught up with us here at DecPlay – with thousands of students, we've a little customer support team now and everyone is feeling the pinch.

Even Blue's dog food has shot up in price (and she refuses to go own brand!).

So the price will inevitably have to increase in the very near future.

Of course if you are enrolling right now, it's not a problem.

I can confirm that the price right now as you are reading this is STILL £267.

What You Get When You Enrol In The DecPlay Method™ For A One-Time Payment of Just £267.

  • You get videos that walk you step-by-step through exactly how to use the DecPlay Method™ - you'll never feel overwhelm, stress or pressure whilst I'm teaching you. The lessons come in bite sized pieces. You can watch them when you want. You can watch them as many times as you want. And you can even change the playback speed if you want to slow them down!
  • You get lifetime access to the DecPlay Method™ so you can proceed at a pace that feels right for you and take breaks when you need to if life gets hectic. (PLUS: you'll be saving thousands of pounds you would otherwise have to pay for traditional lessons, that are no where near as effective anyway.)
  • You get video demonstrations of me playing lots of popular pieces of music so you can follow along.
  • You get extra videos covering everything I could possibly think you might need help with. For example: 'how to play with various health conditions, like impaired sight and arthritis' and 'how to play with confidence in front of family and friends' (really useful for that first time you surprise everyone with the 'hidden talent' they never knew you had!).
  • You get access to over 100 printable music sheets that have already been converted to the DecPlay Method™ - these are popular tunes covering most types of music so you'll never be short of something new to play.
  • You get instructions on how to convert ANY song to my patented DecPlay Method™ so you can enjoy playing your own favourite tunes or even take requests from family and friends.
  • You get access to the DecPlayer Club™ where you can meet your fellow DecPlayers™, make new friendships and gain inspiration by seeing what others are achieving that are just a few weeks (or even just days) ahead of you.
  • And ... you get my unique 'Piano Smiles' Guarantee™! I really do insist that everyone who chooses to invest in the DecPlay Method™ is unconditionally happy. So here's my offer ...

Please enrol in the DecPlay Method™ today entirely at my risk. If you decide it's not for you FOR ANY REASON, I will personally give you a same day, hassle-free, no questions asked, 100% refund. (And there's no time limit or any small print catches with this guarantee!)

Ready to get started playing piano with the DecPlay Method™? There's no easier way! You can enrol in a jiffy by clicking this button ...

And of course, if you have a question you'd like to ask before enrolling, don't be shy ... CLICK HERE to send me a message and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

And Some Final Thoughts From Some Of Our Existing Students Who are Already Enjoying Playing The Piano With The DecPlay Method™ ...