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that makes it EASY for YOU to play song you LOVE on piano.  

Watch the video below on how to play songs on piano easily, no matter what your age or musical ability.

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From total beginners, to Oscar and Academy Award winning musicians, the results have to be seen to be believed .......

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Hallelujah piano diary (30 mins to few weeks)

learn piano incredibly quicklyWITHOUT having to read 'music'!

So simple it gets amazing results with all ages and abilities. 

Play your 1st song in minutes - intermediate level in weeks - advanced level in months.

Why is the Beginner's 5 Step Piano Formula Needed?

I created the 5 Step Piano Formula to make playing piano accessible to all, answering the call from many people who wish to play piano, but struggled with traditional methods / music notation. I get a huge buzz when I see the reaction from people who failed to learn piano years earlier playing their first song within 1 hour, using the DecPlay formula! Many of these people wrongly thought that they weren't musical. It is simply that they were shown the wrong tuition method. 

The formula took many years to create, taking the most effective techniques from different playing styles including pop, jazz, classical, playing by ear and developing new techniques to fill the gaps.  

What does this give you?

The DecPlay formula save you a HEAP of time and avoids the risk of getting frustrated and giving up piano (which is very common with traditional teaching methods).

which gets results in minutes and enables step by step learning all the way to full professional level.

  1. INSTANT GRATIFICATION - understand song sheets immediately
  2. RAPID RESULTS - play recognisable song within 1 hour
  3. MEMORISE SONGS EASILY - ideal for parties
  4. ACCESSIBLE - for all ages (4+) to senior citizens
  5. SKILL DEVELOPMENT - enables professional styles, improvisation, composition, playing by ear

The ingeniously simple way of writing and playing music makes playing piano accessible to a wide range of groups who often struggle with traditional notation including people with dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, partial sight and special needs.

Who is It Aimed At?

DecPlay is ideal for anyone who wants to have FUN playing POPULAR MUSIC on piano:-

  • BEGINNERS - no previous music experience necessary
  • LAPSED PLAYERS - rekindle your joy of music and have fun
  • EXISTING PIANISTS - want to reach the next level, play with with more confidence, memorise and improvise easily

Styles of Playing

Enables a wide range of popular music styles

  • SOLO PIANO - with melody and accompaniment
  • ACCOMPANIMENT FOR SINGING - playing by chords
  • ADVANCED SKILLS - professional styles / improvisation / playing by ear


Suitable for age 4 up to senior citizens.

It is also highly effective for people with dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, visual impairments and special needs.

Watch the video below for a sneak peak on how to play songs with melody AND accompaniment within minutes, no matter what your age or musical ability.

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5 Step Formula:- 

- Easy way to play songs you love on piano

- Avoid the no. 1 mistake

- Straight to the FUN 

*Of course, your details will not be passed on to anyone else