December 9


Am I too old to learn piano at age 60, 70, 80 or 90?

By Declan Cosgrove

December 9, 2023

Students in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and learn piano incredibly quickly, by using the DecPlay online piano course, which contains lessons specifically designed for seniors and people learning piano later in life. 

DecPlay uses a unique 5 Step Formula which does 3 things:-

  1. makes piano sheet music easy to read
    - using a unique numbers system to replace 'traditional notation' (many students struggle to learn traditional notation)
  2. makes songs easy to play on piano
    - using chords and playing patterns instead of traditional notation.
  3. enables rapid progress and development of skills from beginner to advanced
    - so people of all ages can play the songs they love on piano incredibly quickly, even if they have tried and failed to learn piano previously

Top 3 Tips for Learning Piano Later in Life 

  1. Choose a piano tuition method that is effective for the style of music you wish to play eg use DecPlay 'lead sheets' for popular songs and traditional music lessons for complex classical music
  2. Play songs that you love
    - you will learn much faster and be more motivated to practice if you love the song you are learning
  3. Make practice fun!
    - use the DecPlay '3 S' Practice Process to maximise your progress (repeat small sections, separate hands, slowly)
    - practice in short regular sessions (eg 15 mins to 30 mins) and stop when you feel uncomfortable or you are not enjoying it
    - enjoy the journey, take your time and be kind to yourself (ie avoid setting unrealistic goals and appreciate your progress)

Do you Need to Be Young To Learn Piano?

There is an argument that we learn things faster when we are younger, but getting older in itself does not prevent you from learning piano. In fact, sometimes age can be an advantage in learning piano if it means you have more free time to dedicate to practicing piano, have the passion to want to learn piano and have less distractions.

Playing Popular Songs On Piano

If your objective is to play popular songs on piano instead of complex classical music, then the easiest and fastest way to learn is using pattern based learning. This approach makes learning much easier by highlighting the very simple patterns that exist in most western music.

Because of this, the DecPlay range of piano methods was designed around the most important patterns in music and uses chord sheets and lead sheets instead of traditional notation. This is the standard way that piano professionals (such as Sir Paul McCartney) play popular music and it is by far the most popular way of learning other instruments such as guitar.

Can You Learn Piano at age 60?

Yes- thousands of students are learning piano aged 60 and over, such as Jane, who learnt to play songs on piano incredibly quickly, using the DecPlay online course. Jane explains how learning piano has had a hugely positively influence on her life in this video:- 

Can a 70 year old learn to play the piano?

Absolutely you can learn piano aged 70, as demonstrated by thousands of DecPlay students aged over 70 who learnt to play song on piano within days and weeks. 

Can an 80 year old learn to play the piano?

Most of our students are aged between 75 and 85 and thousands of students have learnt to play piano aged 80 and above, using the DecPlay 5 Step Formula. 

Can a 90 year old learn to play the piano?

Learning piano aged 90 is very achievable using the DecPlay method, as demonstrated by a number of our students aged 90 to 94, who have learnt to play songs on piano incredibly quickly. This includes people like Jean who at age 91, learnt to play Amazing Grace on piano within 1 week of joining the DecPlay online piano course, two years after suffering a stroke that prevented her from being able to read music notation. 

Harry was aged 90 when he learnt to play his first song on piano with DecPlay within 30 minutes. Watch the video where harry explains his experience of learning piano at

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