Secrets to How Professionals Play

Learning advanced piano playing skills and styles can be much easier than most people think. The secret to playing like a professional within months, is PATTERNS. Learning by patterns explains how people like Paul McCartney , John Lennon and Freddie Mercury wrote and performed piano classics like Let It Be, Imagine and Bohemian Rhapsody, without using notation.

They used a combination of chords, playing patterns and playing by ear. 

The Problem

The problem is that you can drown in a sea of YouTube videos showing thousands of playing patterns and often they shown conflicting approaches to playing, which can leave beginners feeling confused.

Chords only shown how to play accompaniment, not melody, and as many beginners haven't yet acquired the ability to play by ear, an even bigger problem is that they have had to resort to 'copy cat' methods or learning to read notation in order to play melodies and riffs. Both of these approaches have major drawbacks and can lead to slow progress, frustration and even people giving up playing piano altogether.

The Solution

I have dedicated many years of effort to solve this problem, the result being the DecPlay system, which is a step by step program that transforms your ability to play piano in an incredibly short space of time.

It does this by;-

  1. showing patterns that make complex music easy to understand 
  2. showing playing patterns that enable simple chord structures to produce impressive playing styles
  3. process to enable improvisation easily
  4. shortcuts to memorising songs
  5. playing melodies and riffs within minutes, without needing to learn notation
  6. showing the process to learn professional levels of playing by ear (both melody and accompaniment)