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I help seniors learn piano the EASY, FAST & FUN way.

If you have always wanted to play piano, my incredibly simple DecPlay Method which has helped over 3,000 people, can help you too.

Great for your health and wellbeing, mental and finger agility and uplifting your spirits!

No experience or 'reading music' is needed, suits all ages 50 to 90+ and it is arthritis accessible.

Let me show you how with this free 'taster' video ....

As featured on BBC, NBC, FOX

I was sceptical at first but DecPlay really is incredibly easy! 


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"I was sceptical that I'd ever be able to master piano playing - but DecPlay is so easy to grasp, I'm now playing songs and having fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age or ability." ... click here for more

I played my first song in 30 mins - at age 90! 

HARRY (90)

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"Its easy to follow - you get get straight to playing the songs you love - no scales or notation" ... click here for more

Age 79 - I learnt my first song within 5 days!

Mike (79)

Mike Grandkids

"As a child I struggled to read sheet music so that was the end of piano for me, until age 79 when I joined DecPlay and learnt my first song within 5 days!"  ... click here for more

I learnt piano age 91 after a stroke - JUST GIVE IT A GO

JEAN (91)

Jean piano

“Age is just a number - if you have passion for music, you are half way there - give it a go and you will see how easy it is” ... click here for more

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Free Piano Lesson Video Includes:-

  • Easy Piano Method for Seniors  
  • Play Songs for Fun
  • No Need to 'Read Music'  
  • Easy 5 Step Formula
  • Accessible - arthritis and low sight  

Seniors Piano - 5 Step Formula

Whether or not you have any piano experience or can read sheet music, the DecPlay 5 Step Formula makes it easy to learn songs on piano later in life and makes piano accessible to people with challenges such as arthritis, impaired sight or hearing and memory loss

The unique DecPlay method is ingeniously simple and has helped over 3,000 students in 72 countries and been featured on the BBC, NBN and FOX

Click here to get your free piano lessons video and see how this incredibly simple piano method works.  

Piano Later in Life - Amazing Results  

From total beginners, to players struggling with notation and the left hand - the results have to be seen to be believed .......

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For years I had wanted to learn to play the piano and now I can.

Frank (age 76)

Queensland, Australia)

I tried piano for several years but found overwhelming ... now I'm experiencing the pleasure of creating music for the first time in my life.



Decplay saved my sanity. Brought music into my house and with it the joy of life. For 60 years of traditional teaching did not bring my hands together. Less than 3 months later I can play Happy Birthday in video messages.