I help Senior Citizens & beginners learn piano the EASY, FAST & FUN way.

People who have struggled with traditional piano lessons for years, have learnt to play songs WITHIN DAYS! - WITHOUT needing to learn notation.

My 5 Step Formula has PROVEN results with over 3,000 people in 72 countries - let me show you how YOU can learn to play songs you LOVE on piano, easier than you ever thought possible.

5 Step Formula

Whether or not you can read notation, the DecPlay 5 Step Formula lets you learn songs easily on piano, enabling beginners to learn a song on piano within 1 day and progress to advanced level in weeks.

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Senior Citizens  - Amazing Results  

From total beginners, to players struggling with notation and the left hand - the results have to be seen to be believed .......

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  • 5 Step Formula - making songs on piano EASY
  • Avoid no. 1 mistake - save time / avoid frustration & failure
  • Learn to Play Amazing Grace within 1 day
  • No Need to Learn Notation - accessible to all

For years I had wanted to learn to play the piano and now I can.

Frank (age 76)

Queensland, Australia)

I tried piano for several years but found overwhelming ... now I'm experiencing the pleasure of creating music for the first time in my life.



I don’t need to read notation in order for me to play and enjoy the piano every day.



Know Chords / Notation Already?
Ultimate Guitar Chords - MuseScore Lead Sheets
  • How to Play UG chords on piano - piano accompaniment 
  • How to Play MuseScore Lead Sheets - melody & accompaniment
  • Guitarists - How to transfer guitar skills to piano
Don't Know Chords or Notation? 
PianoTabz - Lead Sheets without Notation
  • EASY - Understand song sheets by numbers  
  • FAST - Play songs you love within hours
  • EFFECTIVE - Incredible results - beginners to advanced