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Full Piano Tutorial Includes:-

  • Killer Tips on playing piano from UG chords within minutes
  • How guitar skills give you a head start on piano
  • Professional techniques, beginners can use
  • Killer shortcuts for beginners
  • Shortcuts to advanced styles
  • Shortcuts to playing styles (ballad/blues/rock ...)
  • How Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney and other pros played without notation
  • Step by step guide - playing piano by chords
  • How to use UG chords / Musecore Notation, Lead Sheets, DecPlay Tabs
  • Avoid No. 1 mistake - save time - avoid pain!
  • Pros/cons of music sheet type (notation / lead sheets / chords / tabs)
  • Playing the melody - why most people get it wrong!
  • Using DecPlay PianoTabz - how to learn melodies and chords fast - WITHOUT NOTATION using these revolutionary piano tabs


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  • Beginners - Killer shortcuts and pro tips made easy!
  • Advanced - Unlock advanced styles / improvisation / memorise easily
  • Guitarists - How to transfer guitar skills to piano

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  • FUN - Play songs you love - with UG chords and Musescore sheets
  • FAST - Play piano within minutes
  • EFFECTIVE - Save time and get incredible results - beginners to advanced
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